Brulu Games
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-hazards 2-

The Hazards are back!

hazards 2


Prepare to die. Alot.


Unpublished Games


Dispel all the buffs


You only have one try.

-color drop-

Relaxing color match

-timer challenge-

Hone your timing skills


The ultimate treadmill challenge


Brick breaker with a swiping twist


You spin me right round, baby!


The incredible descent


Mix colors like a boss


Can you control the curve?


Brulu Games is a small indie game studio consisting of a lone developer. Driven by my passion for programming and gaming I started making games a couple of years back. Being alone means I do everything myself such as programming, gameplay and graphics with the only exception being the music and sound effects. This naturally means that the rate of new releases and updates varies a lot depending on how much free time I can find.

I design games that are easy to learn and hard to master that features fast-paced gameplay coupled with intuitive controls.

Whether you are riding the bus, visiting the toilet, getting bored in the cinema or avoiding your family at thanksgiving, playing your favorite games is only a few taps away.